Immedia Allegra Speakers designed by Joachim Gerhard (custom cost no object external crossover rebuild in 2021)
dva m225 monoblock amplifiers
Cabling by Acoustic Zen and Cardas
Shure SRH1840
Audeze LCD-X
Izotope Insight 2


Bricasti M3h DAC
Weiss ADC2
Mytek Brooklyn ADC
Benchmark Dac3 L

Analog Processing

Knif Soma Mastering EQ (Modded)
Elysia Alpha Compressor
Elysia Museq Parametric EQ
Whitestone Audio P331 Loading Amplifier
Chandler Curve Bender Mastering EQ
FCS P4s ME Mastering Compressor (custom)
Interconnects by Cardas and Acoustic Zen

Digital Processing

Weiss Ds1 MK3
Weiss Deess
DMG Equillibrium
DMG LimitlessFab Filter Pro-Q 3
Fab Filter Pro-L2
Fab Filter Pro-DS
Fab Filter Pro-MB
SoundTheory GullFoss EQ
UAD Brainworks EQ V3
UAD Vertigo VSM-3
UAD Precision Limiter
UAD Ampex ATR 102
UAD Pultec Bundle
UAD Mastering Bundle
AVID Pro Bundle
Waves Bundles (52 plug-ins in total)
Izotope Rx7 Advanced
Izotope Ozone 9 Advanced
Izotope Post Production Bundle 3
Bx Control V2
Soundtoys Bundle
Eiosis Air EQ Premium
Overloud Gem550 EQ

Daws and Editors

Wave Lab Pro 9.5
Pro Tools Ultimate
Izotope RX7 Advanced Editor
Hofa DDP Maker/Player
Logic Pro X

Acoustics and miscellaneous

GIK Soffit traps
Combination acoustics by GIK, Acoustimac, and Primacoustics and ASC
Core Power Technologies Equi-Core 1800 mk2
Core Power Technologies Deep Core mk2
PsAudio P10 Power Regenerator
Furman F1500-UPS Voltage Reg. and power back up
Black Magic Drive Bay (8-16TB slotted drivebay storage)
Modern Macintosh Computer Systems
VPI Prime Scout turntable
Neve 5442 8 Channel Console