PREMIERE: Nick Flessa Releases “Shootin the Shit”

Rarely do you find an artist that feels as if they were plucked from another era. But that’s the case of Los Angeles based artist Nick Flessa – one part Bill Callahan with a hint of vocalist Ellery Roberts. Lyrically rich, with a voice familiar yet all his own and featuring an incredible production work by Valley Queens Neil Wogensen, “Shootin’ The Shit” will have you eagerly awaiting the EP.

Atwood Magazine Premiere of Cosmo Gold’s “Dark Matter” single

We all have a “shadow side of ourselves,” says Emily Gold, lead singer for LA rock band Cosmo Gold. Whether or not we want to let it out, we all have dark matter in us, roiling away inside our bodies like the edges of the universe. And we all know the type of relationship that pushes and pulls at this idea: one person orbiting the other, refusing to let their darkness spill forth in order to keep the peace. “Dark Matter” aims to confront that.

Desert Magic | Turning is the Motion of the Tao

Turning is the Motion of the Tao is a 2-part canon from Desert Magic’s upcoming album, In the Universe. It’s a setting of Verse 40 of the Tao Te Ching. This verse is the Lao Tzu’s metaphysical version of the big bang theory:

Music video directed by Luke Williams, shot by Jessica Li.
Performed by Desert Magic: Alex Wand, Steven Van Betten, Luke Williams, Logan Hone.
Mixed by Louis Lopez
Mastered at Little Castle Mastering by Daniel Eaton

AD297 Dotson ‘de​:​termination’ Tape Release

"While listening to Dotson’s new tape, 'De:termination,' my mind was taken to another place on the first few listens. I envisioned a midsize, empty dance club. The floors were concrete and the angles were clean and straight, provoking a sense of sterility. The lights were dim. Dotson was nowhere to be seen, but it was clear he was here. It was comfortably upsetting.

Katherine Redlus unravels her spiritual journey in “Welcome Home,” a vulnerable and ethereal sonic embrace of healing, self-love, and belonging.

“Welcome Home” is a story of self-reflection, suffering, acceptance, and embracing. Its verses focus on personal pain and searching, inner aching and loneliness – the general sensation of feeling lost, despite being quite grounded and present. Redlus builds up beautifully to a passionate chorus wherein she implores herself and all listeners to look within themselves for the guidance and comfort they seek.

Katherine Redlus Feature on Our Culture Magazine

As part of her first album, the wonderful and simply authentic Katherine Redlus gives ‘Kingdom Come’, a mysterious song that delves into the soundscapes of the harp with a smooth and rather warming vocal that keeps you whole with the energy that surrounds it.