Turning is the Motion of the Tao is a 2-part canon from Desert Magic’s upcoming album, In the Universe. It’s a setting of Verse 40 of the Tao Te Ching.

This verse is the Lao Tzu’s metaphysical version of the big bang theory: “Turning is the motion of the Tao, yielding is the motion of the Tao, the 10,000 things are born of being, being is born of not being.” The Tao behaves in a cyclical manner, indicated by the word “turning,” often translated as “returning” or “reversion.” This was the inspiration for the repeating form of the music. The “10,000 things” is an expression that refers to the myriad objects in the universe. As the verse suggests, the “10,000 things” comes from nothingness. But in the Tao, nothingness isn’t nothing… it’s filled with infinite possibilities.

Music video directed by Luke Williams, shot by Jessica Li.

Performed by Desert Magic: Alex Wand, Steven Van Betten, Luke Williams, Logan Hone.

Mixed by Louis Lopez and Mastered at Little Castle Mastering